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What is a Video Seminar?

  • A Video Seminar combines video of a presenter with charts, graphs, documents and more.
  • A Video Seminar is an interactive application that moves at the pace of the viewer.
  • A Video Seminar can extend the reach of a single presenter to a countless audience.
  • A Video Seminar can be cheaply reproduced and distibuted where and as needed over time.
  • A Video Seminar can distribute product, marketing, and/or sales material to your viewers.
  • A Video Seminar can recruit, train, test and register your company's clients or representatives.

    Screenshot of a Video SeminarCSA, inc. will capture your speakers on digital video and place their presentations within an easy to use application that allows the viewer to use and learn at their own pace.

    Using a suite of software tools, CSA, inc. will create multimedia video seminars that include audio/video presentations, charts and graphs, supporting documents, and custom software applications. "Cue Points" are created within the video which associates the timeline of the movie to the display and actions of supporting text and graphical content. The result is a fully synchronized presentation that can be viewed at the pace and style of your audience.

    Video can be filmed on location or in front of a "green screen" that allows the speaker to be placed within a virtual set or in front of the background of your choice. In addition, a wide range of post-production effects such as titling, picture-in-picture overlays, fades and scene transitions can be used to enhance your video for greater impact.

    Request a Demo CD

    The screenshot above was taken from the Multimedia Demonstration CD. If you would like a copy of this Demo CD sent to you or desire more information on our development services, please click here and fill out the request form or call 707-778-8721 and request Dan Blanchard or Scott Tucker regarding Multimedia Projects.

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