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    This website is currently running on CSA's Web Content Management Sysytem

What is the Web Content Management System?

Web developers at CSA, inc. created the Web Content Management System to meet the needs of clients who want to have full, up to the minute control of the content and structure of their website without the need for technical expertise. Traditional HTML web pages are written once and posted to the web server for display. The Web Content Management System utilizes a database to hold all of the content for the website and provides easy to use forms for adding, deleting and modifying the text and graphical content. This eliminates the need to pay development or maintenance fees each time your need to update your site.

How many pages can my website contain?

As many as you want! Since all of the content for your website is database driven, there is virtually no limit to the size or depth of your website. The CSA Web Content Management System allows you to create Categories and Sub-categories. Under these Categories you can create individual Pages, which are made up of one or more “Articles”. An “Article” is simply a record in the database that may contain any or all of the following: title, header, date or time, author, jpeg or gif image, downloadable files (of any type) and, of course, the text content.
When adding or changing web pages, there is a “preview mode” that allows you to view and edit the page you are building before you “publish” it for the world to see. All of this can be managed with the use of your web browser and about 1 hours training.

What are some of the uses?

Using the structure described above, the Web Content Management System can be easily used for a range of applications such as; a product catalog, photo gallery, a company directory, corporate intranet, online newsletter, help or training manuals, file and software distribution, etc. Additionally, the Web Content Management System comes with the ability to provide password protected private content as well as public content. By creating a user account and setting their access level, you can allow users to log-in and view web content according to their access level. This feature is valuable for easily creating a corporate intranet or extranet. If your company has a sales force out on the road or multiple offices that need to share information, you can use the Web Content Management System to provide a common area for notices, files, documents and reference.

What if I need more functionality?

CSA’s Web Content Management System is written in Cold Fusion (CFML) as well as traditional HTML, DHTML and Java script. The Web Content Management System can be customized, modified and extended to serve just about any web-publishing needs. Furthermore, the database behind the website can also be extended and customized to handle your various business forms and processes. The Web Content Management System utilizes either a Microsoft Access or SQL Database depending on your specific needs. If you have requirements for a specific application, CSA, inc. developers will be there to present and develop the solution. CSA, inc. also has several additional modules that may be added to the Web Content Management System including a contact manager, phone list, event calendars and more.

Can I still have a customized graphic design?

Of course! CSA, inc. specializes in the creation of custom layouts, graphics and user interface. CSA, inc. will match or create corporate branding and theme for your website. The Web Content Management System can then be placed within the customized “skin”. For additional control over the look and feel of your website, the Web Content Management System has a style management area where you can easily change fonts, colors, logo graphics, page alignment, page width and more. If your design requires a different layout of the navigation and menu system from the basic package, then CSA, inc. can customize these items according to your specifications.

How long does it take to create my website?

Using CSA’s Web Content Management System means your website can be up and running in less that two weeks. Depending on the level of customization to your graphic design, the initial setup of the website templates can be completed in a matter of days. The amount of time to complete your website then becomes one of transferring your domain name and adding the text and graphic content. CSA, inc. will assist you in organizing your initial content and training you on entering and managing it. Since you can add or modify content at any time, you also have the ability to “phase in” the addition of new content areas and pages at your pace.

Where can I host my website?

There are numerous hosting options available for CSA’s Web Content Management System. Any web server running Cold Fusion Application Server and allowing an OBDC Database connection can be used as a host. CSA, inc. provides web-hosting services to clients with moderate bandwidth usage requirements. For clients that require a dedicated server or higher full-time bandwidth, CSA can recommend and assist with multiple options for leased, managed, co-located or self-hosted server solutions. For companies that desire a corporate intranet, the Web Content Management System can be easily installed on a server within your network.

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