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Finally, the solution to todays biggest IT Headaches: SPAM

Securence is a leading provider of email filtering (anti spam software & antivirus software ) and web filtering services. These include email protection, spam filters, spam blockers and security services for small business, enterprises, educational, and government institutions worldwide. Securence solutions help protect companies and their employees by scanning email and eliminating threats, such as viruses, worms, malicious content and attachments, and other junk mail before reaching the end user.
Email Filtering Anti Spam and Anti Virus
Unprecedented spam detection
Spam filter and spam blocker
98% effectiveness; near zero false positives
Enterprise-level solution for any company
Utilizes signature file capture and match tech
No rules management required by IT staff
Anti-virus protection included
Intuitive web admin controls
No upfront costs
No contract term
Available as service or appliance
30-day free trial
Internet Filters - Web Filtering
Most advanced Internet filters
Unique artificial intelligence;
no URL lists to manage/update
Adaptable white list / black list
Filtering accuracy - 99%
Enterprise-level solution for all
Managed service or on-site install
Easily manage employee surfing
Reliable, fast, highly scalable
Comprehensive web admin controls
Category coverage
Policy support
Flexible overrides
No upfront costs
No contract term
30-day free trial

Securence is a leading global provider of email and Web filtering software for business, educational and government organizations. Our unique anti-spam and anti-virus solution SecurenceMail, which is deployed as a service or appliance, helps protect companies and employees by scanning email and eliminating threats, such as viruses, worms, malicious content and attachments, and other junk mail, before reaching the end user.

SecurenceMail provides real-time protection from the latest email threats through the use of high-tech signature-based filtering technology and 24/7 monitoring systems — all backed by world class customer service. SecurenceMail can be implemented immediately and requires no integration, migration or upfront costs.

With redundant fail-over capabilities that are load balanced between multiple redundant N+1 data centers, the Securence enterprise messaging security platform guarantees 99.99% availability with the lowest false positive rate in the industry.

SecurenceMail is trusted by over 4 million customers worldwide, including Coldwell Banker, ShopNBC, TCF Banks, Kemps Foods, RE/MAX International, ERA Real Estate, Mesaba Airlines, Jostons, Century21, Malt-O-Meal Corporation, Panera Breads, Interstate Companies, and many other business, government and non-profit organizations.

Table of Contents

SecurenceMail Stats

  • Highest capture rate of spam in the industry, averaging 94% of customer's total mail flow to be quarantined, captured, and safely removed without the risk of false positives
  • Full anti-virus protection included featuring Norman Securities
  • Significant bandwidth savings
  • Increased efficiencies from cleaner mail environment
  • Powerful, yet simple to use web-based admin tools
  • Real-time reporting of message flow with full stats and averages
  • Stealth deployment options for risk-free and easy evaluations
  • Monthly licensing with no long term contract commitment
  • The best cost-to-value ratio in the industry

Email Filtering Deployment Options

Option #1: Enterprise Gateway

Advantages include:

  • Remote protection from massive spam waves and malicious virus attacks — ensuring the integrity of your local network
  • Immediate deployment with zero hardware or software requirements
  • Remote firewall protection with SMTP lockdown
  • Secondary mail caching ensuring your email is safe in the event mail is undeliverable to your internal network
  • Significant reduction in IT and HR management and administration of spam-related issues
  • Significant bandwidth savings resulting from an average capture rate of +94% of mail traffic

Option #2: On Site Appliance

Advantages include:

  • Installed at customer's site
  • Eliminates mail server authentication process
  • Setup in a redundant fail-over configuration
  • Contained network security
  • Configurable to most security policies
  • Continuously maintains the most updated spam and virus signatures

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