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Media Applications in Microsoft Producer

Using Microsoft Producer, CSA can take your existing PowerPoint slide presentation and add digital video. Your presentations will be given new life and a new dimension that can be distributed over the web or on a CD or DVD.

Each PowerPoint Slide in your presentation will become a video chapter. Viewers are given the entire list of chapters as links on a web page. The chapters correspond to segments within the video. This allows the viewer to navigate through the video at their own pace. Viewers can replay chapters or skip ahead to where they were in a previous session.

Sample Video Seminar

Seminar Screenshot
The following Video Seminars were created in Microsoft Producer utilizing existing PowerPoint* slides currently in use by Cindy Eisenhower of MetLife.

  • MetLife LTC Seminar
  • MetLife Training Seminar

    It may take a few moments for the page and video and all slide components to load. Dial-up/modem connections may be slow for optimal playback, however, a 56Kbps (low bandwidth) option is provided.

    *To view this seminar you must either have Microsoft PowerPoint 2002/2003 installed or you must install Microsoft Office Animation Runtime. Note You do not need Office Animation Runtime if you already have PowerPoint 2002 or newer installed. Office Animation Runtime allows you to view Microsoft PowerPoint 2002 and Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2003 Web presentations that contain animations in Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or later. If you believe you have this installed on your computer you may simply click the link above to open the seminar, or you may choose to install the run-time application first. If you open the seminar without Microsoft Runtime installed, you will be prompted to download the file from Microsoft's website.

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