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Authoring for the Web or CD/DVD

Are you looking for a development partner to turn your ideas into a reality?
CSA. has combined the skills of our software programming and talents of our web and graphic design teams to offer new services in Multimedia Applications.

Audio, Video, Text, Graphics and Animation...
Bringing them all together into one package can boost your website or software application to the next level.

CSA has the tools to produce, edit and publish digital video within a wide variety of mediums. Whether You need a standalone application run from a CD or DVD or you need webcast video on demand, CSA can provide a solution for you. Applications for multimedia projects are numerous and may include:

  • Video Seminars & Conferences
  • Product Marketing and Orientation
  • Training, Teaching & Recruiting
  • Entertainment and Advertisement
  • Virtual Sales Tours (i.e. Real Estate)

Email CSA  -  ph. 707-778-8721   -  fax 707-778-3501   -   1300 Commerce St. Suite D. Petaluma, CA 94952
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